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Treatment for Back Pain and Pinched Nerves

Image-guided therapies can be a highly effective treatment for back pain and radiculopathy (also called nerve impingement or "pinched nerves"), where patients experience tingling, burning or shooting pains down one or both of their legs. Our advantage is that imaging guidance is used for every procedure or treatment, compared to blind treatments performed in physician's offices. Using fluoroscopic or CT guidance, the treatment for back pain or radiculopathy can be delivered precisely to the targeted location each and every time. Many of our patients state that they experience a higher level of pain relief after imaging-guided treatments compared to previous in-office treatments. Please see the example below of how precise our treatments for back pain or treatments for pinched nerves can be with the help of imaging guidance.


The CT image shows small needle tips touching the first sacral (S1) nerve roots on each side. Medication for long-term pain relief can be injected through the needles directly along the nerve roots.

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